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Letter to My Ex…Last Letter (Possibly)

Over the past seven years my ex would break up with me every three to six months and I always took him back. Despite never hearing the words “I love you”, never meeting his dad and him not taking me around friends, family or events, I always chose him because I believe relationships take work and he was my person even if I wasn’t his. The day finally came where I started to choose myself and he never looked back, he didn’t fight for us. I wrote him his last and final letter letting him know the realization I had after all of the emotional, narcissist abuse and how much I needed to choose me.

I contemplated if I would share the letter but then I realized I know I am not the only hurt soul out there that had been taken advantage of, manipulated, lost all self-worth and lied to throughout a relationship. I knew that I was not the only one who was a giver and their partners were takers. I want to give back and let people know it is okay to choose yourself. We often hope that when we choose ourselves that our life partner will be supportive, want to build with you but that wasn’t the point of the letter. The point was that I had come to a realization that no matter what I did, he wasn’t going to choose me, unless I was having sex with him and that was the extent of us. So here we go.

Dear Ex,

Just getting back from the gym. Sort of thankful you haven’t been there the past couple days. But also hoping you are at least working out at home. I know I shouldn’t care about what you are doing but no matter what, I care and love you dearly. I have always wanted what is best for you even though it may seem I don’t.

I got out of the shower, laid on my bed in my towel, played solitaire and things started flowing in my mind. A realization of us, of you, and who I am and who you are, and where we are in life. Where I want to be and whom I want.

I realized no matter what I did in the past or present or in the near future is going to make you ready or want a wife or someone love/caring/giving like me. No matter what I say or how I react (good or bad) is going to make you love me. No matter how much I do for you, us, our family, it won’t make you want to stay and be a better boyfriend/husband/lover or best friend.

I realized you aren’t ready. You want to be single. You want the opportunity to see if there is anything else out there (eventually). I realized that you are still that broken scared boy you were when we met. Trying to please everyone else (family, friends, society norms) and not wanting to grow (really grow) to fix himself. And maybe I am wrong in all my thoughts but I guess we (I) will never know because you chose to go have dinner& beers on Monday, you chose not to call me back like you said you would on Tuesday, you chose to ignore my texts (sometime, most of the time, it’s my way of crying out, reaching out to you!), you chose to ignore the email invites.

There is NOTHING I can say, do, cry, act out, for you. For someone who isn’t ready. For someone who doesn’t actually feel in love. For someone who carries anger and disgust for someone they once loved. For someone that worry’s about what his friends and family will think. For someone who has never actually chosen me. I CHOSE YOU! You NEVER actually ever chose me.

I can’t continue to love someone more than they love themselves. With me loving and giving you so much, I was giving away the self-love and taking away from myself. I kept wondering why I had so little self-worth. It’s because I was giving away so much of myself, physically, emotionally, monetarily, that I had nothing else to give. And I wasn’t getting those things back in return to satisfy my needs and hunger or drive.

I have learned that my tank was almost empty. (Hence my suicidal thoughts.) I needed you! I needed you to be there, be supportive, love, give, even an ounce of what I was giving you. And you couldn’t.

I am really sorry that this is so heavy. That we couldn’t talk, that I couldn’t hold you while you cried these past couple of days. But you were already grieving s relationship that was over and didn’t want me or need me to hold you (Hence your silence lately), you were trying to be strong to let me walk away or gain the courage to walk away yourself. You have felt this way since the beginning of 2019. It was either go all on, ask me to move in or walk away, it just so happen, I flipped out April 2019, to make it easy for you and we never recovered. I kept trying and you were guarded and by the time I was ready, you became guarded.

I wanted, was hoping, these talks would come to the conclusion that we were in love and want to help each other while we work on ourselves, our relationship, careers, business, etc. Finally jump into the pool of vulnerability.

That day, that talk, that safeness never came. And how could it? Especially when there is an unwilling partner.

I realized today, I am in love with you. Madly, deeply in love with you and myself. This is why I fight everyday for us but most importantly, MYSELF!

I deserve to live. I deserve to have love in my life. I deserve to be a warrior and not feel like a survivor. I deserve to feel safe in the world and in my own home. But most of all, I deserve gratitude and respect. So, I realize, today, I choose me. My future partner. The person that allows me to love myself, him, family, friends and so much more. The person that will CHOOSE me, for me. Truly accept me and my flaws. But for NOW, I am choosing, ME!

Love, Kass XoXo

Letter to my ex written in October 2021 after trying for 2years and 6 months to fix the relationship and couples therapy.

The realization that I didn’t have a choice but to walk away was so hard and really heartbreaking. Especially after fighting for the love of my life for seven years. But I realized it was very one sided. I was in love with him and he cared for me. He (we) really enjoyed our sex life. “I don’t want to sleep with anyone other than you”, He said. Maybe that is all we were these past few months since we split in June. I don’t know why we kept “trying” other than the sex and comfort on his end.

Perspective is the way we see things when we look at them from a certain distance and it allows us to appreciate their true value.

Rafeal E. Pino

Do you know what the hardest part in all of this is? Not knowing all of your own faults, remembering that it takes two people in any relationship. I most definitely have to blame myself too. For the reactions to his actions or lack there of. Also for staying in the relationship so long without sticking to my boundaries and things I felt I deserved.

Through this I have learned so much so I don’t regret any part of this. I actually am learning to give myself grace through this. I am learning to love myself again and believe it or not I love and respect my ex a hell of a lot more for the lessons I have learned and for helping me see where I go wrong in life. Changing your thought process to see the bigger picture isn’t easy. Though remembering that like relationships and friendships, being the best version of yourself today for tomorrow, also takes work.

Whatever the case I am taking steps and putting in the work for myself to continue to grow, looking at my faults and push myself beyond comfort. The best realization I have had in a very long time. Sadly but happily, this is my last letter to you, my greatest love, well possibly.

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Moving On. Is it Easy or Not? Learning To Deal with Change

Moving on can be easy for some. It may depend on what you are moving on from. Moving on is learning to deal with change. Change is never easy but can be done if you have support and the tools to do so. Below we will go over some tips that have helped me over my crazy emotions when they got the best of me. It is okay to take your time to process and go through the change. Especially when you are doing it in a healthy way.

The past year and a half has come with a ton of change. I had to learn to cope, learn to be okay with change, okay with walking away from family members, learn to push myself beyond any limits I have ever had before. It all really hit me when my relationship took a turn. I was faced with more heart break than anyone could imagine. I felt so alone and scared. Even though I had (have) friends by my side, I was alone in this.

She didn’t raise me, really, I grew up in foster care after I turned 13

Being alone when you are going through change can be our own perceptions. Are we truly alone? Not really. We seclude ourselves. At least that is what I learned I was doing. Moving on from yourself and the events in our lives takes time and the tools to process.

The first thing I did after I finally aloud myself to break apart and breakdown, I drank a ton. I couldn’t be alone. I had to be with people all of the time, drinking and partying, I did this for 2 months after our split. It hit me all of a sudden, “This isn’t me, this isn’t who I want to be, my mom didn’t raise me like this.” (Though she didn’t raise me, really, I grew up in foster care after I turned 13) I was in therapy and my therapist told me to cut out certain things. So I will leave you with this as a starting point of healing and coping to move on from whatever it is you are working through. Here you go:

  • Learn to Cope Ahead of Time
  • Cut out Sugar
  • Cut out drinking caffeine
  • No Drugs or alcohol (It is okay to limit if to start) (Baby steps, remember!)
  • Get into the gym
  • For every negative there should be at least 2-3 positives

Moving on isn’t ever easy

That is just a small list of things to help you get through coping and deal with change. Change effects everyone differently and that is okay. If you take the list of tools I listed above to just start out, you will do the rest on your own. I will continue to give you tools as I create some of my own that work for me. Just start with a few steps for a bit and then add more as you get to a good place. Make sure you are taking time for you to listen to your emotions.

Moving on isn’t ever easy. No matter if it is you doing the breaking up, being broken up with, unexpected death, miscarriages, loss of job, etc. It is a change in our lives that is being stirred up that we are really dealing with and coming to terms with. Practice the ways to help you cope with change in life. Reach out to someone if you get to a hard place, we all come to that point in our lives. It is learning how to cope with moving on with the change in our lives.

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Finding Your Way

Reflect In Me…

Back on September 19th, 2018, I wrote a short journal entry about the reflections I was encountering while in Seattle. It was a day after my birthday and I was having a hard day leaving the AirBNB. The guy I was dating at the time was in Italy with his sister’s and I wasn’t able to spend it with him or the experience and that was hurting me.

The journal entry read:

“Today, so far, I’ve taken time to relax and think. Some self reflection. I did some thinking about what I want. Do I want what I have? Am I happy where I am at in life. The answer in short is “No!” I know what I want, the type of guy I want, the career I want. Now, I am just wondering, wondering, if. All I want is to be happy and be around those that truly care, wants me to be happy in life and wants nothing but happiness for me. Through everything I’ve gone through this year, I feel like I owe so much more to myself. And there is nothing like now to begin.” -Reflect In Me

As I sat in a park in Golden, Colorado and re-read the entry again, I remembered the emotions and thoughts that made me write that reflection back in September. I was reflecting again.

I have been self-employed the past month and feeling the ambition and drive for more. Those exact feelings and desires I knew I was destined to have and build were coming alive. I was building a brand, I was working on the consulting business and dreaming up the most powerful of them all, an Empowerment Organization.

At times, I have to take a step back and remind myself of why I make the decisions I do. Push myself to understand that there is great love within me and with that I can and will build and empire. I will stay true to the reasoning and reflection of having more. Wether that is in a relationship, friendship or business endeavors.

This woman saw great and felt the greatness we all could have back on that September day and now it is time to grow from that. Remember that feeling.

When we often forget why we are where we are, take a moment, two or five to remind yourself why you began in the first place. A gift I leave with you, Self Reflection. Do this as many times as you have to stay strong, to remind yourself, and or build yourself up. As my best friend would say, “You Got This!”

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Talk to you all again soon! Inspired Adonis XoXo

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I am sitting here in this coffee shop/bar in Capital Hill. A place I have wanted to come to. I made it! I wasn’t going to come out of the house today after all of the heartbreak, anger and confusion this weekend. But here I am. Pushing myself to continue to love myself and grow.

It is important, for me anyway, when I am angry, feeling down or lost that I don’t sit around and sulk. I want to, don’t get me wrong. Through any process, it is important to change perspectives, try and maintain positive and remain hopeful. All is not lost. I am becoming the person and woman I have always wanted to be. I know it is in me, it always has been. I am learning that perseption is everything.

I have always had a negitive outlook on life. I blamed my thoughts and actions on my past and how I grew up. I am becoming very grateful for the pain and past I have gone through. Through each painful aspect of my life, I have learned great things.

This weekend I did something with the man I am in love with and probably shouldn’t have. I again was testing my limits. I thought that because it was him, I would be okay, that it wold be okay. It isn’t. I wasn’t okay after. I looked deep inside myself and what I want out of life; In a relationship, self love and self respect. What I have found becuase of this is that I need to communicate my feelings, good or bad. We all do.

I was angry and hurt with myself and so was he for what we did. But why? I was angry because I know where my heart is. I know where I want to be. I have this vision in my head of us and myself as a partner and individual. Crossing boundaries and becoming okay with the ideas that play in my head is pushing me further in my growth and that is the part of me that hurts. I am okay with walking away from all of the ideas.

At the very least today, I walked out of the house. Worked on myself, took a step out, worked on my business, and did some self reflection. I am becoming the greatest me!

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Talk to you all again soon! Inspired Adonis XoXo

by Inspired Kass

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Letting Go & Putting the Weights Down…

Through all of these many years I have hung onto the things that have happened to me and others. Causing pain to others and myself. For so long I didn’t realize it was even happening and what was being caused. I continue to talk about the past year and a half because that was a major turning point in reality for me.

It wasn’t the rape, the molestation, group homes, foster care, losing and letting go of three precious human beings or the physical abuse. It was the the miscarriage, the deaths, the suicide, the sexual harrasment and not being able to talk through it. Maybe it was because these aren’t easy topics, maybe it’s because I don’t know how to or the fear of being judge and ridiculed.

No matter the case, the added weight of all of the trauma leading up to now sat with me. Weighing me down in life, my career, my friendships and relationships. The lack of trust in myself manifested and bled into my relationship(s). Oh how I wish I could take so many things back but I can’t and I have to learn to let go, accept and defeat.

I want to let go of the pain and I know it’ll take many steps and time.

I have a couple of girlfriends that have also gone through breaks; one recent and one a couple years ago. One was able to start dating/new realtionship a month after many years being in a relationship and found an amazing man that supports her. The other broke up with her guy a couple years ago and still doesn’t want to be in a relationship. (Love and Fear are strong and powerful)

What I am getting at here is that some can let go and drop the weight, some mask and some never get over the emotion of the past issues or realtionships therefore hindering your future actions and decisions and some do all three.

A friend recently told me it’s totally okay to feel what I am feeling. That it is okay to not be ready, that it is not easy to forgive or move on. Take my time. And that means the relationship I had was real, along with my feelings and it’s okay.

So I went on a date since the recent break up. I wanted to know where I was emotionally. Pushing myself, like always. This journey is going to be harder than I thought. I am in love still and I live in fear of other men. Dealing with the sexual harrasment recently brought up a ton of sexual abuse issues on top of being cat called all of the time and having my ex’s friend try to get me to sleep with him. It makes me question my worth as I already did. Hense why I always needed reassurance from my ex in our relationship. I’m not ready to date, be with anyone sexually. And that’s okay.

I am traumatized!

I am also very devoted to the person I loved and myself. I trust that my heart and working through the emotions/issues will help me grow and not carry so much weight. Who knew the the sex abuse and choices I have made would cause this much pain, not only for myself but for those I care about and will/have been apart of my life. I will be able to show my beauty without being afraid, without being ashamed of always being sexualized, with true love from myself and hope that I will have the support, loyalty and dedication from a true love one day.

….Letting Go & Putting the Weights Down

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