Finding Your Way

Dedication vs Commitment

Truth be told I am always dedicated to commitment. First let’s look at the meaning of both.

Dedication (n) – The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

Commitment (n) – An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

So in short, commitment is one’s obligation and dedication is someones passion in the performance to an obligation.

I feel I have always found myself in the middle. I grew up in a generation where relationships were different. I was taught to stay in a relationship and fight for each other. Because of this,  I feel I am very passionate in being committed in a relationship.

Being in a committed relationship is somethi g I have always done. I haven’t really dated. Yes, I have had my share of one night stands when I was younger.  Personally, I’m just not a fan. I feel like sex is meaningful and can be even more meaningful in a committed relationship.

What do you desire? Where do you think you fall? Commutes, Dedicated or Both.

Keep an eye out for a more in depth posting and test to see where you fall. We can build on our relationships with friends,  family or partner when we know where we fall.

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