Thoughts To Begin Journey

So, I have learned that I want to tell my story. The good, the bad, the ugly, the embarrassing and shameful but to do that and help people, I have to start with me. I want to start doing Life Coaching and start my journey helping people. These are just my thoughts to help me begin…

  • -It’s okay to dream
  • -It’s okay to put yourself out there. (Not everyone will agree but that’s okay.)
  • -I want to succeed – you will succeed.
  • -I’m afraid to succeed – It’s okay to fail
  • -I’m afraid to fail – Just start over again.
  • -Put up post it’s of reminders.
    • Bali Trip
    • Invest money
    • Pay off debit (just do it)
    • Push yourself
  • Meal prep
  • Work out, even if it is at home.
  • Stay late at work at least 1x a week. Push to be the best you can in your career.
  • Finish the damn book (memoir)
  • Do your crafts

-To the One Taking Steps


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